• you build it, they will come. We’ve led capital appeals for hospitals and treatment centres, colleges and cultural institutions, action centres and archives. We can help you raise the money to build new facilities, and expand your work.

  • you want to make a bigger difference, get in touch. We’ve worked with many of the world’s biggest charities, NGOs and government departments. We love what we do – and we’d love to help you transform more lives.

  • you need major gifts, you need us. As wealth becomes concentrated in fewer and fewer hands, the relationships you build with major donors are critical. We can help you find the wealthiest – and most willing – potential donors, and help you convince them to support your cause.

  • you need growth, you need us.A growing income stream helps you maintain your organisation – and increase your impact. That’s why we help organisations develop sound, sustainable fundraising strategies.

  • If you need buzz, you need us. With the right social strategy, you can reach millions – and raise millions. However, with new platforms popping up every day, knowing what to do is tricky. We can help you inspire many more people to support your work.

We are the International Fundraising Consultancy. Our expert fundraising consultants work with charities and NGOs around the world to improve their performance, so they can make a bigger difference. Whether you need a fundraising consultant or a whole team we can help.

We have a passion to secure change on a global scale. We believe in the ability of the voluntary sector to effect real change in society, at a local, national and global level. That’s why we do what we do. That’s why we offer free services like First Fridays and Top Table, alongside our professional consultancy services. And its why we will never work with an organisation whose aims we cannot wholeheartedly endorse.

We believe:

  • A better, fairer world is possible
  • The passion, expertise, dedication and innovation within the voluntary sector can bring genuine social change
  • Any charity, whatever the size, can benefit from world class fundraising advice and support

Our work is broad and flexible. We can help with fundraising, management, and communications at every scale, from one-off capital appeals to long-term campaigns. With offices in London, New York, Ottawa, Geneva, Milan, Amsterdam, Kiev, Singapore, Lima and Nairobi, we’re ready to work all over the world.

Our team comprises academics, business leaders, and charity veterans who’ve spent decades in the field. Over the years, we’ve provided visionary leadership to major charities, NGOs, colleges, hospitals and key institutions in many countries.

In other words, we have a wealth of experience – and we care passionately about what we do.

And we win awards:

Nominated for ‘Advisory Provider of the Year’ Charity Times 2016
‘Consultancy of the Year’ Charity Times 2015
‘Strategic / fundraising Consultancy 2014’ Institute of Fundraising Partners in Fundraising awards.
‘Strategic / fundraising Consultancy 2013’ Institute of Fundraising Partners in Fundraising awards.

Scam warning:

We do not make donations to individuals or charities. We are aware of an organisation trying to pass themselves off as International Fundraising Consultancy and using our logo on their Facebook page.  We do not run an Assistance Agency or have a financial assistance support programme, neither do we call individuals to ask them to give to charities or non-profits. Please report any such offers to your local police.


Whatever kind of fundraising you do, we can help.

We’re experts in strategic development, capital appeals, major donor development, corporate partnerships, legacies and applications to grant-making agencies. We can help you galvanise online supporters and run effective street level campaigns.  […]


We’re experts in organisational strategy, and we’ve won awards in brand development.

Perhaps you need an action plan to bring your vision to life, or you want to make your organisation more transparent. Maybe you’re considering a merger, or you feel your brand is limiting your impact. We work with charities around the world ..  […]


As a charity, you need to talk to a lot of people. The public. Your supporters and staff. Funding bodies and corporate sponsors. If you’re struggling to find the right voice, we can help.

Our consultants have decades of experience helping charities develop effective communications strategies.   […]

Social media

Whether you need help with a one-off project – like setting up a crowd funding project, or running a text donation campaign – or you’d like a full strategic review, get in touch. We’ll help you make the most of social media, so you can attract more supporters and more donations. […]

Our Directors

Bill King, CEO International Fundraising Consultancy

Bill King

CEO, IFC Group

Director, IFC UK

Bill has nearly 20 years fundraising experience, for a wide range of organisations and covering most areas, including community, event, trust, corporate, membership development and major gift fundraising. […]

Helen Maynard-Hill

Helen Maynard-Hill

Director, IFC Netherlands

Helen is an experienced fundraising and marketing professional with over twelve years’ experience working within the not for profit sector both in the UK and the Netherlands. […]

Beatrice Schell

Beatrice Schell

Director, IFC Switzerland

Beatrice has more than 20 years experience working in grant-making, fundraising, institutional building and management for a range of international organisations.  […]

Francesca Mineo, Director IFC Italy

Francesca Mineo

Director, IFC Italy

Founder and Director of IFC Italy, she has specialized in London at the Institute of Fundraising and BBC Training & Development. Specialisms include Corporate fundraising, major donor engagements […]

Karina Sandoval

Director IFC LATAM

Karina Sandoval has 10+ years of experience working for international organizations in Latin America, United States of America and Europe. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from La Molina State University in Peru, a Master’s Degree in Business and Administration, MBA from University of Dallas in the U.S . […]

Svitlana Kuts

Director, IFC Ukraine

For almost 20 years of practical work in the NGOs Svitlana has a number of research publications on civil society, philanthropy, NGOs organizational capacity building and better governance in the world and Ukraine. Svitlana has initiated a certified course for Ukrainian fundraisers, trained and consulted more than 100 NGOs on capacity building. […]

Ralph Leonard

Director, IFC Singapore/Hong Kong

Ralph has had extensive cross-functional experience during his 30 years in Asia. He has carried out charitable fundraising for a number of global and local non-profit organisations helping to raise more than $250 million dollars since 1986. […]

Laurence Pagnoni

Director, IFC USA

As career fundraiser, Laurence has a very unique and specific vision. For over thirty years his executive leadership has been dedicated to fundraising planning. His focus is on the critical intersection between strategic planning and fundraising planning.[…]

John Baguley, Chair IFC Group

John Baguley

Chair, IFC Group

In his 25 years as fundraiser, Director and consultant, John Baguley has taken charities of all sizes to new heights – and earned an international reputation for excellence in the process. […]

Maya Gabitova

Director, IFC Kyrgyzstan

Maya is a senior executive with strategic and business development expertise. Educated and experienced in the area of financial management  […]

Joe Kiarie

Joe Kiarie

Director, IFC Kenya

Joe is a fundraising specialist with over 10 years of experience working with various development organisations in Kenya and in the UK.  […]

Sam Kayongo

Director, IFC Tanzania

Sam is a development consultant with experience working in developing countries. I have over 15 years of practice with organisations in East Africa particularly countries of Tanzania and Uganda .  […]

Jim De

Director, IFC India

Himadri “Jim” De has more than 20 years of experience in management of programmes and coordinating social services in Asia.  […]

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