For almost 20 years of practical work in the NGOs Svitlana has a number of research publications on civil society, philanthropy, NGOs organizational capacity building and better governance in the world and Ukraine. Svitlana has initiated a certified course for Ukrainian fundraisers, trained and consulted more than 100 NGOs on capacity building including fundraising from individuals and corporations in Ukraine and internationally.

She is a founder of the Institute of Professional Fundraising in Ukraine, member of the Board of Directors of the European Fundraising Association, Ukrainian Philanthropists Association, Ukrainian SOS Kinderdorf, Head of Organizing Committee of the National Philanthropy Award. Svitlana heads Ukrainian IFC since 2011.

The consultancy provides services (training, coaching and consulting) on the following aspects of fundraising:

  • Donors research
  • Applications to Grant Giving Foundations
  • Organization preparedness to fundraising
  • Developing and implementing fundraising campaigns

IFC Ukraine clients include smaller and larger NGOs, corporate social responsibility projects, universities and professional organizations, to name but few: National University Kyiv Mohyla Academy, Independent Broadcasters Association, Democratic Initiatives Foundation, and a variety of smaller local NGOs.