Somaye has a diverse yet interrelated educational background: her associate degree in Applied Mathematics in Computer Sciences advanced her analytical skills and sharpened her view on details. Her multidisciplinary under-graduate studies majoring in Social Sciences (a combination of Sociology, Anthropology and Psychology) equipped her with the ability to situate every problem and solution in different contexts and analyse them from different angles with an innovative and progressive approach. Moreover, her highly interdisciplinary post-graduate studies in Comparative Women’s Studies in Culture and Politics prepared Somaye to have an enriched understanding towards the position and status of different groups affected by similar interventions. This diverse educational background, next to her 8 years of professional experience in Public Relations as well as her capabilities with creative writing, makes Somaye an all-round fundraiser.
Somaye’s philosophy and life motto is “Sharing is Power”. Somaye provides support for NGOs and Universities to build their own development and fundraising department in order to be independent from subsidies and external support. The focus of her work is on long-term planning and strategies yet in short-run she provides variety of fundraising services and techniques as well.
Thus far, 90% of the proposals that Somaye has written or edited have been granted