Kenneth Hoffman

Ken began his fundraising consulting firm and specialist legal practice in 1986, after 8 years as a staff fundraiser and lawyer for environmental and historic preservation charities in Boston, Massachusetts.

He provides a wide range of fundraising and legal services, including strategic planning, fundraising programs directed at foundation, individual, and corporate donors, board development, staff training, and advice on the establishment and management of publicly-supported charities, especially those related to non-US organizations. He advises both on operating and capital fundraising.

Ken’s specialty is working with non-US-based charities to initiate or expand their fundraising from US foundations, individuals, and corporations. His clients have included: The British Library, Cancer Research-UK, Clare Hall/Cambridge University, The National Trust for Scotland, Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam), K.U. Leuven (Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium), and Quebec-Labrador Foundation/Fondation Québec-Labrador du Canada. He has also advised Irish and Australian charities.

As an adjunct to his client work, Ken regularly writes, speaks, and teaches on fundraising and related charitable topics.

Ken’s pro bono activities include membership, since 1992, on the Massachusetts Attorney-General’s Division of Public Charities Advisory Committee, and service, since 2008, on the board of The American Fund for Charities, of which he is currently President.