Himadri “Jim” De has more than 20 years of experience in management of programmes and coordinating social services in Asia. Jim is a post graduate (MBA) in Management from Chifley Business School, Australia, and La Trobe University, Australia. He also has been trained at the Management Development Foundation in the Netherlands, for Project Management. He is currently enrolled for his certification in Fundraising from the Institute of Fundraising UK.

Jim is a member of the Institute of Fundraising, UK.

He has worked extensively on more than 35 programmes in India, and another 15 programmes in Indonesia covering a wide range of services. He has also served with the Government of Delhi as part of a team to ensure quality care for children in institutions.

Jim has travelled extensively through the length and breadth of India, visiting and training organizational leaders on programme management and leadership, programme implementation, as well as understanding the need for sustainability. He has worked to assist such managements to understand CSR policies, as well as with the corporate world, to assist them with their CSR strategy.