Jemini is a qualified, multi-skilled fundraiser with over 10 years’ experience, specialising in event management, community and corporate fundraising within the non-profit sector.

Having worked in both local and national charities in the UK, some of Jemini’s notable achievements include leading a small team accountable for the successful growth and restructuring (including realising process efficiencies) of a patient-centered, health charity ’s multi-source £600,000 revenue stream.

Jemini is well aware of the broad range of intractable challenges faced across the non-profit sector and is keen to engage with organisations to support the delivery of their strategic goals. She has a particular passion for marketing with a strong background in online and digital communications. Jemini truly understands the added value of these digital marketing channels and the benefits of combining these with donor relationship management to generate increased funding, whether it be from the organic fundraising activities of the organisation or supporter-led fundraising.

With a creative and innovative mindset, Jemini takes pride in engaging with cross-functional stakeholders at all levels and working closely with them to ensure that problems are identified and solved in a structured and robust manner. Jemini has always been able to maximise return on investment and brings the necessary skills and experience to help deliver success on your next project, from brainstorming during the concept phase, right through feasibility and implementation.