Small Charities

There is much more to the charity sector than household names and national causes.

Every day, small charities around the world provide vital services and change lives for the better. Working in small teams, with sometimes just a handful of staff, small charities successfully fundraise, get supporters, raise money and make a difference.

Operating successfully as a small charity isn’t easy. Without big, specialist teams on-tap, it can be hard to achieve everything you want to.  Communications and Fundraising can be particular sticking points.

Our small charity specialists can help

A helping hand with Fundraising

Small charities often rely heavily on grant funding and the support of a few committed friends. This makes growth and innovation difficult, with survival the necessary focus.

We can help you create a fundraising strategy that works for your charity. We understand that what works for you will be very different to what works for larger charities. We’ll help you diversify your funding streams, giving you reliable, sustainable income into the future.

We know that in small charities, people work hard. Individuals have to wear multiple hats and it can be difficult to keep up with the constant need for learning and development. We can help your staff learn the skills they need, through high quality, tailored training and mentoring to staff, CEOS and Trustees.

We can also help fill the gaps, through services like grant writing, research or copywriting fundraising materials, providing the skills you need, when you need them, without the risk and expense involved in recruiting new permanent staff.  

Small charity communications

There are many small charities around the country doing incredible work and making a vital contribution to the people, families and communities they work with. Small charities matter, but many people simply don’t know that they exist.

Good communications are as vital to small charities as they are to large ones, allowing you to spread your message and gain supporters, donors and volunteers. Even if your charity has no significant growth plans, communication is vital to helping you keep on doing the work you’re doing now, working better internally as well as externally. Solid internal communications help your staff and volunteers understand your policies and your stance on the important issues that they encounter every day.

It can be hard to get your message across with a limited budget. If you’re a small charity, perhaps you’re relying on one or two overstretched staff to handle all their communications. At many small charities, one person might be responsible for dealing with the press, leading marketing efforts and developing a web presence.

Perhaps you’re struggling to find the messages to reach new donors and develop your fundraising? You might find that developing a coherent brand voice or strengthening your internal communications is tough.

Our small charity unit’s communications experts can help you develop your strategy, build effective communications channels and sharpen your messages and internal processes. We understand that small charities don’t have big budgets, so we’ll give you a quote that reflects that.

Using us to help with your communications makes it easier for you to grow, and perhaps develop your own internal expertise. As you do, we can tailor the support we offer to complement what you have internally.

We understand that success as a small charity doesn’t necessarily mean doing the same things as a larger charity, on a smaller scale. We’ll tailor our work with you to fit your values and the community you are part of.

We can act as consultants, providing the skills in communication that you may not have internally. We’re a flexible resource that you can call on to help you do the things you currently struggle to find the time and budget for. You might not be able to recruit a full-time specialist or PR manager, so we’re here to fill the gaps.

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