November’s First Friday: London

First FridaysWant to know more about crowd funding and social media, and where these fit in to your fundraising goals? Then come along to our next First Friday Fundraisers free advice session on Friday 6 November from 2pm-5pm in central London.

Social media is the optimum vehicle for all modern organisations to communicate with their supporters. Your community can expand locally and globally to reach those people that believe in what you are doing. This world can be harnessed and turned into fundraising capital.
During this session, IFC Consultant Dolma Beresford will discuss a real-life case study to help examine how to create well thought out projects, how to use social media to raise awareness and how to set – and achieve  the maximum fundraising goal.
She will talk through how an effective crowd funding campaign can be created from inception to delivery and how to create high impact campaigns from low financial input, whilst raising awareness of your organisation’s vital issues, passions and projects, and creating a ‘buzz’ around your work on social media, bringing an online community together for your campaign.
Crowding funding and social media is increasingly important for charities, not for profits and social enterprises. The number one reason people log on to the internet is to check social media status – harnessing this can enhance response rates to ‘calls for action’ very significantly without the need for annoying direct mail which can often ‘loose’ potential supporters and funders.
If you want to learn more, then book your place now. These monthly clinics are free to anyone working in or interested in fundraising and the charity sector. The session will take place at:
Freshfield Bruckhaus Deringer LLP (near Temple)
Northcliffe House
28 Tudor Street
London, EC4Y 0AY
You can book your place here.