Marketing and Communication

IFC Marketing is our in-house fundraising marketing service. We create charity marketing campaigns that raise awareness and attract new donors.

Charities need to communicate constantly: with donors, supporters, public bodies and staff. Getting your message across clearly and consistently is vital to gaining the support you need to thrive.

We can take over your fundraising marketing for you, so you can focus on delivering services. Or, we can train your staff and advise you on strategy so you can do it yourself.

With decades of experience in charity marketing, we understand the challenges charities face and the opportunities available to them.

What we do

Our award-winning creative team can take on every aspect of a marketing campaign, including copywriting, design, mailing and printing.

We can help you understand your audience, through focus groups, surveys and analysing your data to identify what messages will best resonate with them. We work on direct mail campaigns, direct response TV, social media, events marketing and legacy packs. We conduct capital appeals and major donor campaigns and create brand identities

Social media

Social media offers a fantastic opportunity for charities to reach interested, engaged potential supporters. But, with so many platforms and constantly changing algorithms, how do you create a powerful, efficient social media campaign?

We can help you develop a social media strategy that works. Done well, social media can be exceptionally effective for charities.

Our approach to social media

We develop integrated social media campaigns that work with your traditional marketing and resonate with people long after they’ve clicked away from your page.

We start by looking at everything you do, both online and not. We’ll look at who your supporters are and where they tend to visit online. Then, we can make recommendations on the best social media and online tools for you to use.

We can then develop a step-by-step strategy, including a schedule and costs, that will take you several years into the future. We’ll work with you to help you implement the strategy and fine-tune it as we do so.

Social media campaigns

Social media campaigns are about much more than just gaining likes and shares. Once you have a following, you can use it to developing a crowd-funding programme, a text donation campaign or a viral brand-awareness campaign.

We can help you build up your social media following (from nothing, if needed) and then use it to develop both long and short-term funding streams. You might, for example, want to use social media to maximise fundraising from a one-off event. Or, you might want to use it to build long-term relationships with your supporters. Whatever your ideas, we’ll help you develop them.