Major Donors

Major donors can have a huge impact on the success, or otherwise, of your charity. For many organisations, major donors are a significant source of income. We help charities find, approach and secure the donors they need to thrive and grow.

If you’re not already carrying out major donor fundraising, you should. A single major donor could have a transformational effect, especially if you’re a smaller organisation. One large donation could allow you to offer a new service, invest in new buildings or recruit a new team.

Why major donors?

The wealth of society’s richest is increasing and continues to increase. Many wealthy people are aware of this and make a point of contributing to charities. They see it as a responsibility and can be extremely generous. Wealthy donors want to make a difference and have the means to do so.

It’s often thought that major donors’ contributions are mostly of use when making capital appeals, but this isn’t the case. Wealthy donors can contribute to any project you, and they, would like. Deciding which projects is part of the process of major donor fundraising.

There are major donors out there whose gifts could make a considerable difference to your charity’s present and future. You just need to find them. Doing so is a process of research and relationship building that can be painstaking, but with worthwhile rewards.

We can make it easier by supporting, or leading, your major donor fundraising.

Our approach

IFC consultants have extensive experience in planning and executing campaigns to increase income from major donors. We’ll find out what you want to achieve from a major donor approach, and then work with you to develop the strategy and action plans you need to make your approach successful.

We’re flexible on how we work with you, able to tailor our input to suit your expertise, contacts and goals.

We can:

  • Work with you to develop a coherent, robust major donor strategy. The strategy will include details of the people needed to deliver it and their roles, the other resources you’ll need and the likely return on investment. A strategy is a vital starting point to any major donor approach.
  • Research wealthy donors who we know have an interest in your work and might be open to a conversation about donation. We’ll supply you with a GDPR-compliant list of potential donors that includes everything you’ll need to get started: contact details, wealth details and information on their links to your work.
  • Set up a donor cultivation programme designed to work in partnership with your existing events programme. This could include VIP receptions and high-level meetings.
  • Help you develop celebrity involvement in your charity, including recruiting celebrities to be patrons.
  • Train your staff and volunteers on how to communicate effectively with major donors. This will include vital training on how to nurture relationships with major donors over time, and how and when to ask them for large sums of money.

Want to know more?

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