Interim Management

Our interim managers help organisations deliver successful fundraising projects.

They are exceptional professionals, ready to help you exceed your financial targets, learn new skills and create lasting change for your clients.

Their time with you may be short, but they’ll leave a lasting mark that will help you carry on strengthening your team and your service into the future.

What is interim management?

Interim managers can give you, quickly and easily, the expertise that you need more of.

Interim managers aren’t replacements for permanent staff. They work with your existing team to fill a short-term gap. Their aim is always to pass on their perspectives, experience and skills so that you can replace them from the inside.

Interim managers tend to come in for anything from a few months up to 18, though longer and shorter periods are possible. They may be fundraising specialists or generalists at all levels up to CEO.

Tell us what you need and we’ll find you the manager to match.

Interim managers can:

  • Cover for your existing staff when they’re away sick or on maternity leave.
  • Lead or work on a short-term project, such as a capital appeal, where extra expertise is needed for the life of the project but not beyond.
  • Lead or advise on a restructuring, offering a neutral perspective that those inside your organisation may not be able to.
  • Deal with crises or other urgent problems that can’t wait until a permanent member of staff is recruited.

Why use an interim manager for your fundraising programme?

Interim managers give you the flexibility and knowledge you need to make your fundraising programme a scuccess.

Using an interim manager means you don’t have to go through a costly and time-consuming recruitment process.

You won’t need to train existing staff who might not yet be ready. An interim manager can pass on their expertise so you can promote when the time is right.

Interim managers simply give you the skills you need, when and how you need them.

Our interim managers are all:

  • Highly experienced, with a record of success running fundraising campaigns.
  • Senior level, able to take on complex projects and lead staff.
  • Flexible, able to start and finish at short notice and begin contributing meaningfully from the first day they’re in your office.
  • Self-employed, meaning there’s no need for you to spend time on complex HR procedures.

Our Interim Management Process

Our starting point is always your needs. Contact us about getting an interim manager for your project and we’ll work closely with you to develop a deep understanding of what you want from an interim manager.

From there, we’ll develop a person spec and job description designed to help you find the perfect manager for your project.

That person will come from our huge, diverse network. We’re able to find interim managers to fit almost any fundraising project.

You’ll meet them and interview them, and if you’d rather go with someone else, we’ll find someone else. We know it’s vital that the fit is right.

Once we’ve found your perfect interim manager, their contract is with us, so you don’t need to worry about any tricky HR issues.

Ready to talk about interim management

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