Grant Making Organisations

Grant-making organisations make a crucial contribution to many charities’ incomes. This can be particularly true for smaller charities, but organisations of any size can find sources of grant income. Grants offer an excellent return on investment, especially for newer and smaller charities, with significant sums available, compared to the time and money needed to secure them. Grant funding is a must-do for most smaller charities and for larger ones, a very useful contribution to income.

Who provides grants?

Just like charities, grant-making organisations have aims that they want to achieve. The grants they give will be targeted at charities that can help them do this. Some are highly specialist, supporting charities only in a particular sector, working with particular target groups. Larger, institutional grant-makers have a wider reach, but will still have tight criteria you’ll need to meet.

Smaller charities tend to have success applying to small trusts and foundations working in the same space as them. Larger charities are more likely to succeed by applying to institutional grantmakers.

How to make a successful grant application

Making grant applications is a specialist professional task. Grant-writers need the ability to create engaging applications that demonstrate your charity’s ability to meet and exceed the grant-making requirements. They also need a thorough knowledge of each grantmaker’s requirements and the charity sectors they work in.

Successful grant applications stand out. They demonstrate, with ease, how a charity meets the grant-giving criteria and how they’ll make a difference with the money they receive. If your application doesn’t do this, it won’t succeed.

If you’ve never written a grant application before, getting it right is difficult. That’s why we’ve developed our grant-making support service, to help you with research, writing and submission of grant applications.

We can help you make successful grant applications by:

  • Researching opportunities that are relevant to your sector, organisation and projects. We’ll look at funders across the world to find the right ones for you.
  • Writing grant applications for you. As grant-writing is such a specialist skill, you might not have the expertise within your existing team. We’ll provide the support you need to make a successful application, rather than you wasting valuable resources making unsuccessful applications.  
  • Reviewing proposals before you submit them. If you’re able to write your own applications, but need a second opinion before you send them off, we’ll help. We’ll look over the proposals your staff have written and advise on how you can improve them to maximise your chances of success.
  • Delivering a complete trust or institutional grant maker fundraising programme. If you want to embark on a significant grant-funding programme, we can take ownership of it for you. We can then work on capacity building and recruitment so that, once the campaign’s successful, we can hand control back to you.
  • Providing flexible and supportive training and mentoring to your people, so they can make their own grant applications and develop your grant funding programme.