Fundraising Training and Mentoring

Our in-house fundraising training programme is a powerful alternative to external fundraising courses. You and your staff won’t need to take time out of work or travel to a training centre. Instead, we’ll join you in your office and work directly with people at their desks, helping them become more effective, successful fundraisers. Rather than an easily-forgotten one-day course, our fundraising training is an ongoing commitment designed for long-term success.

Who we train

Anyone involved in fundraising will benefit from our fundraising training. Our training tends to be particularly useful for those involved in planning and developing fundraising campaigns, including CEOs, directors and managers. If you or your people are thinking of upping your fundraising efforts, our training could be the kickstart you need to make those efforts work. We can include specific help in our training. For example, you might want to target celebrities for the first time, run a major donor campaign or build a larger network.

Why we train

Successful fundraising is vital to charities. But it is increasingly competitive, as more and more charities chase the same donors. It can be hard for charities to maintain their income streams and many fundraisers struggle to meet expectations.

The pressure on fundraisers can mean that there is little time for training, which then means they are less efficient and effective, compounding the problem. It’s often particularly hard for fundraisers to take time away from the office as their work is so fast-paced.

Because fundraisers don’t need to leave the office to benefit from our training, they can improve their skills without losing any time. That makes them more receptive and the training – more effective. Because it’s personalised, our training is always relevant to the individual fundraisers we work with, the charity and the audience being targeted. Many external fundraising courses are too generic to make a difference and don’t provide fundraisers with the new skills they really need.

Our training format

Fundraising training with us is as close to mentoring as it is to traditional training. We can adjust our training to suit your needs and those of the people being trained. We’ll agree with you how often we should join your fundraisers. Usually, we recommend support once a fortnight or once a month, for several months. This is long enough for them to progress significantly and allows plenty of time for them to refine their approach, ask questions and deal with problems.

Between sessions, we provide remote support by email or telephone. This means that there is always someone by your side, able to help in real-time, whenever you have a question or need a listening ear. We understand that fundraising is one of the toughest jobs in charity work, but also the most important. It’s a rewarding but stressful job, especially for new fundraisers. Having our constant support available one-to-one can mean the difference between success and failure for both individual fundraisers and whole fundraising campaigns.

Want to know more?

Call or email for a chat about how we can help with fundraising  training and mentoring.