Fundraising Strategy

To fundraise successfully, you need a clear vision and a robust fundraising strategy to help you realise it.

Our consultants can help you do just that, using their years of fundraising and management experience.

We know that fundraising can be tough, especially when you have multiple competitors all chasing the same money from the same donors. How do you make sure your organisation is the one that stands out?

This is where a fundraising plan is vital. A plan allows you to find the donors you need, put your case to them and develop long-lasting relationships. With those relationships come security and a thriving, successful organisation.

How we work

To create a fundraising strategy, we first need to know what you want to achieve. Then, we can assess your potential to achieve it and see where you might need support. We’ll look at every aspect of your current fundraising, including leadership, staff, volunteers and techniques. We’ll take a close look at your spending and income too.

Once we know what’s going on now and where you want to be in future, we’ll develop the strategy you need to move from here to there.

Every strategy is scheduled and costed so there are no nasty surprises or unexpected gaps. Every strategy is also future-proofed, as we take account of likely future developments in your market.

Once your fundraising plan is in place, we use our experience in change management to help you to put it into practice, gaining internal buy-in and working with your staff as they begin to implement it.

Our consultants

Our fundraising consultants are exceptionally experienced fundraisers and change managers. They’ve worked with charities and other organisations to help them define their vision, change their culture, meet their goals and deliver highly effective services.

They’re able to give you as much or as little support as you need. If you simply want some guidance, they can provide that. If you need long-term support to develop and implement your fundraising strategy, they’ll do so. In everything we do, we offer flexibility.

What’s in a fundraising strategy?

An effective fundraising strategy includes:

  • A thorough analysis of where you are now. We’ll look at the fundraising objectives set out in your business plan and the activities you’re working on. We’ll talk to you and your staff about their experiences of what works and what doesn’t. If there are things you’d like to be doing that you aren’t, we’ll ask why.

  • A look at your market and your competitors. How easy or difficult is it going to be for you to reach the donors you want? Where can you find new donors?

  • A plan for resourcing. Who’s going to work to deliver on your fundraising goals? Do you need more support, or to recruit new staff?

  • A detailed plan for fundraising that sets out who you’re going to target, what marketing methods you’ll use, how you’re going to tailor your efforts to your audience and how you’ll make it sustainable in the long term.