Developing new and improved income streams

We help charities and nonprofits find new ways of increasing their income and delivering more results.

With our help, you can diversify your income, giving your organisation the secure future it needs to focus on its work. With security comes freedom to innovate and grow.

Our approach is both robust and flexible. We’ll work alongside you to identify opportunities, set goals and meet targets, however challenging they are.

What income streams can your organisation develop?

Organisations often become reliant on one or two income streams. This is something that can work well for a long time, but leaves you vulnerable to change. It’s vital that you develop multiple income streams to give you security and increase your potential income.

You and your team probably have lots of ideas on how to develop new income streams. We’ll help you see how to realise them. We’ve helped organisations of all sizes, working in a variety of sectors, achieve their income goals. We know what works and what doesn’t.

But we’ll always start with your ideas. Tell us what you think will work best for your team, clients and partners.

Some of the ways we could help you increase your income are:

  • Support with applying to trusts and foundations for grants.
  • Identifying and developing corporate partnerships.
  • Applying for statutory grants.
  • Creating membership and regular giving schemes.
  • Creating legacy schemes.
  • Identifying and approaching large donors.
  • Running events.

Our process

Our starting point is always your needs. You might need more funding to help you grow or to allow you to develop a new service. You might simply want the security you need to progress faster and further with what you’re doing now.

You might have a clear idea of how you want to develop new income already, or you might want some help deciding between several options. We’ll take the time needed to get to know your organisation’s goals, strengths and weaknesses so we can make meaningful recommendations

If you know what you want to do already, we’ll provide advice, help you set goals and develop a strategy to achieve those goals.

If you’re not sure what you want to do, we’ll carry out an audit of everything you’re already doing and identify the potential income streams most likely to be successful. We’ll take account of your capacity and identify opportunities to increase it where needed. Together, we’ll find both quick wins and long-term gains.

Delivering on our strategy

We won’t simply give you a strategy and then leave you to it.

Everything we recommend is focussed on delivering a realistic and robust strategy. There will be clear actions identified and resources in place for everything we suggest you do.

We’ll never leave you with recommendations you’re not able to implement without help.

If you do want help, we’ll stay on board to help you deliver. We offer mentoring, informal advice and interim managers chosen from our diverse network of associates.

If you don’t want help, we’ll step back and let you get on with the job.

Thinking about your new income streams? Let’s talk about them .