Corporate Fundraising

Corporate fundraising is a potentially huge and vital source of funds, but it’s difficult for many charities to persuade businesses to get on board. Many corporates receive frequent fundraising and corporate sponsorship approaches from multiple charities, so how can you make yours be the one that stands out?

It’s difficult, especially if your charity’s cause isn’t an obviously appealing one. Even those who do have a corporate-friendly cause can find it hard to get attention when there are so many others trying to do the same.

Corporate fundraising strategy

Successful corporate fundraising requires expert knowledge and a commitment to relationship-building. We’ve led corporate fundraising campaigns for years and know exactly how to make them work, both for those charities with immediately appealing causes and those that are tougher to get attention for.

There’s no such thing as a quick return in corporate fundraising. It requires work and imagination to develop a compelling business case and good relationships with key company executives. It also requires lateral thinking and solid background research to allow you to maximise support.

What is corporate sponsorship?

Corporate sponsorship is often about more than just raising funds but also raising your profile. They often involve improvements in donor skills, the recruitment of employee volunteers, partnership working on specific campaigns, and attracting valuable products and services in kind.

Charity corporate sponsorship is about identifying the businesses that share your values and might be open to partnership with you. A corporate will want to see that by working with you, they’ll gain tangible benefits.

You also need to make sure that any business you work with can provide the benefits they claim to offer. They must have the funds and time needed to develop a sustainable partnership. You need to be clear on how your relationship will work and who will do what, and when. Things like the use of your logo or staff time should be set out in advance of a partnership being agreed.

Our experts

Corporate fundraising is one of our specialities. Our associates have spent many years in the field, developing corporate fundraising ideas for charity and building private/voluntary partnerships. Sponsorship and ‘Charity of the Year’ deals rarely just come out of the blue, instead many months of research, patient relationship building and a thorough knowledge of the things each side requires is essential to secure these lucrative opportunities.

It’s almost impossible to have that kind of knowledge in-house. However, for a charity to break through to the next stage of growth, corporate fundraising is essential.

Who we help

We can help charities with an established corporate fundraising programme increase their success, reaching new corporates and sectors they might not have considered. We can help with developing a corporate fundraising strategy that will allow you to build on what you’re doing now and sustain it into the future.

If you’ve never targeted corporates before, we can show you how. Doing so could make a huge difference to the long-term sustainability of your charity. A big corporate partnership can provide the springboard to better visibility as well as significantly increased revenue.