Charity Governance

Good governance is essential to your charity’s success. It means that you can comply with your legal obligations and support the structures needed for current and future achievement. The basis of good charity governance is thoughtful policy-making and expert practice.

Good charity and fundraising governance give you the ability to:

  • Set your charity’s strategic direction and vision
  • Manage your finances effectively and soundly
  • Demonstrate leadership to staff
  • Give donors confidence in your ability to deliver
  • Act with integrity, openness and accountability

We can work with your board members to build their governance capability. Our consultants know what it takes to do this: they have many years’ experience as board members and trustees of charities both large and small.

The role of trustees

Governance is central to the role of any charity trustee. We will work with all the trustees on your board to help them develop an understanding of individual and collective roles. We’ll look to work out where the boundaries of trustee roles are, what their goals are and what constitutes best practice in your sector.

We usually start with a series of confidential interviews with each trustee. In these interviews, we look to find out which core problems with governance the organisation faces, and what solutions each trustee suggests. We seek to discuss, challenge and tackle problems together. We do this with sensitivity and understanding of your needs and those of the people you work with.

The result is a deep understanding of the problems and potential problems your charity faces, and a set of solutions that everybody can support and work on. As part of the process, trustees often find they let go of some of their presumptions and preconceptions, replaced by a genuine understanding and an increased ability to drive and lead change.

A plan for good charity governance

With a thorough understanding of the needs of your charity in place, we can work with you to develop a plan for good fundraising governance that you can use in the months and years to come. This plan can include:

  • Definitions of the role and responsibilities of each trustee in the governance process
  • Your organisation’s legal responsibilities and how to meet them
  • Financial planning and reporting essentials
  • The interests of the charity and how to achieve them
  • Target-setting and accountability goals

Working Practices

Agreeing on problems and solutions is the first part of the governance journey. Being able to take steps to put those solutions into practice is the next part, and it can be tricky. We support organisations in making sure good governance reaches across the organisation. Vital to this is developing the relationship between boards and directors, and directors and senior managers.

We can help you develop working practices that facilitate and encourage communication. In particular, we specialise in developing the interface between programme policies and fundraising and between fundraising and communication. We help organisations work more efficiently by adhering to the principles of good governance, developing professional working practices and communicating better with others.

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