Royal Free Hospital

Supporting a £30m capital campaign to create a new Institute of Immunology, Virus and Transplantation at a world-leading London hospital.

About Royal Free Hospital

The Royal Free began as a pioneering organisation and we continue to play a leading role in the care of our patients. Our mission is to provide world class expertise and local care.

Established in 1828 by William Marsden, a newly qualified surgeon shocked that he could not find treatment for a penniless young woman, we were the first hospital to provide free care and the only London hospital to stay open during the 19th-century cholera epidemics.

In the 21st century, we continue to lead improvements in healthcare and are proud to have some of the best clinical outcomes in the country. Our mortality rates have been consistently among the best in English trusts for many years.

What we did for them

The Royal Free Charity is seeking to help the Royal Free Trust to develop a new £30m Institute of Immunology, Virus and Transplantation. IFC researched their feasibility study, which is a key stage in any capital appeal. The feasibility study set out not only the possible sources of funds from grant-making agencies, wealthy individuals and companies, but also a clear fundraising strategy and realistic action plan to ensure that Royal Free would have the best possible chance of raising the funds it needs.

Our researchers came up with long lists of possible sources in each category, with the contact details, the reasons for inclusion and with individuals their wealth. We also interviewed key people in the charity and the NHS trust to give us important background information and developed a draft ‘case for support’ and set out a detailed, scheduled and costed strategy.

We are now advising the Royal Free Charity on developing their committee structure and cultivation events to help them create relationships with potential donors.

An early event was a reception at St James Palace hosted by the Duke of York.