World Water Day: Our Top Three Fundraising Campaigns

To mark World Water Day, we take a look at our top three water-related fundraising campaigns doing their bit to inspire, raise funds and awareness about the most basic of human rights – access to clean water:

Water Aid – #Blue4Water

Water Aid is asking people to help turn the world blue for a day in a bid to raise funds and awareness about the water crisis, and make sure everyone has access to clean, safe water by 2030.

They have laid out four easy steps to spread the ripples of change:

  • Step 1 – Change your profile picture on Facebook and Twitter with their blue filter app.
  • Step 2 – Sign the petition – and ask the UK government to lead the way in getting taps and toilets to everyone everywhere by 2030.
  • Step 3 – Find your own unique way to go blue whether it’s dressing in blue, painting yourself blue, or singing the blues. See their top seven ways to go blue >
  • Step 4 – Challenge friends, school or office to join you. Ask for a small donation to take part and tell your local media too.

Just a Drop – Jerry Can Relay

International water aid charity, Just a Drop is asking people to put on their trainers and walk for water! Join their lunchtime city relay across the Thames to mark World Water Day.

Taking place within a two hour lunch-time period, Just a Drop is holding a Jerry Can Relay on the Millennium Bridge. Their aim is to raise awareness of the daily struggle for water that so many face, while offering the opportunity for some exercise and fun on a Tuesday lunchtime.

You can turn up between 12pm and 2pm and join another walker to carry a part-filled Just a Drop jerry can the 625m across and back, to help see how far they can cover in two hours. Or teams can be pre-registered to compete against the clock to cover the 6km (9 circuits) that represents the average distance walked for water in their projects.

They will also be collecting voluntary donations on the day.

Frank Water: #Giveitupforwater

Bristol-based campaigning charity for safe water and sanitation in India is asking people to drink nothing but water for 7 days as part of their World Water Day campaign.

That’s no tea first thing, no mid-morning cappuccino, no diet coke breaks, no smoothies, milkshakes, lattes, herbal teas, glass of wine, pint of ale, cocktail with an umbrella in it. None of it. For 7 days.

Instead of spending out on fancy coffees, pints of lager and bottles of plonk, they are asking people to put the money in a pot and donate it to FRANK Water at the end of the week. And, if you fall off the wagon, don’t despair, just pay a forfeit (£1 for every time you cave in) and get right back on it.

Why? Because there are still 663 million people without safe water. That’s 663 million men, women and children who have no other choice but to drink dirty water everyday.


We’d love to hear about other great World Water Day campaigns going on…let us know what’s inspiring you!