Standing in Solidarity with Ukraine

Dear Fundraisers and Friends, As you may know our Director in Ukraine, Svitlana Kuts, is based in Kyiv and IFC would like to follow the words of the European Fundraising Association:

Standing in solidarity with Ukraine 

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is devastating and our hearts go out to all those impacted by this crisis. As a community of fundraisers whose very purpose is to support one another across national boundaries and to protect civil society, EFA opposes brutality and we strongly condemn Putin’s attack on Ukraine. We stand in solidarity with our members and friends in support of the Ukrainian people. We stand for a world that is fair and just, where people are treated with respect and kindness, and can live in peace. Across Europe and beyond, NGOs and nonprofits are rallying to rescue and support those impacted by the war, delivering vital aid. Fundraisers have a critical role in sourcing funding, working fast and innovatively to inspire the public to help those in need in Ukraine. The success of these fundraising appeals has raised millions of Euros over the past week alone. We encourage all those who are able to donate to do so. As such, we are sharing links to some of the most prominent appeals.

When war broke out Svitlana said, ‘’I am safe and we will win’’ 

With thanks, John Baguley, Exec Chair IFC