Three Top Tips to Engaging Your Board

board meetingDo your Board members get behind your charity’s fundraising campaigns? Are they aware of what’s going on? Are they even interested? Buy-in from the Board can really help drive a fundraising campaign to success. So how can we ensure that buy-in in the first place? Here are three top tips to making Board members feel more valued, engaged and enthusiastic about fundraising:

  1. Build trust: Think about how to help your Board members to believe that you will do what you say you will, and that they can trust you with their friends and donations. Be clear about tackling misconceptions about what fundraising involves and the best ways to go about it.
  2. Understand motivations: People join Boards for all kinds of reasons. It’s essential to better understand what’s motivating your Board members to be there. Think about how to tap into their passion for the cause.
  3. Help them to help you. What support, tools and information do Board members need to support them in their role as advocates for your organisations? Whether they need a Case for Support, help with writing emails or scripts for phone calls, make it as easy as possible for them to engage.

By understanding our Board members as people and as donors, what drives their involvement and by making it easy, and indeed, gratifying, to be involved, you can create a winning Board development strategy.

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