The World of Fundraising: Bangkok

Religions are often excellent fundraisers, and IFC CEO, John Baguley, who is currently in Asia, has discovered that in Bangkok Buddhists are no exception. Indeed, accepting alms has long been part of a Buddhist monk’s daily routine. In Wat Pho, Bangkok a huge statue of a reclining Buddha covered in gold attracts large numbers of visitors, and they are well provided with opportunities to gain merit by making a financial contribution. This temple’s tradition is to give a 20 Bhat note and receive a handful of old currency in exchange. These coins can then be dropped melodically into a long line of bowls as an offering. Though a relatively small sum the accumulated amount from large numbers of visitors certainly helps to maintain the popular and extensive Wat Pho temple site.

These collection boxes are on the way in to Way Pho Temple, famous for its huge gold-covered reclining Buddha. Religions the world over are practised fundraisers. Visitors drop in coins to the bowls as an offering. Collection bowls hold the offered coins.