Team IFC: Karina Sandoval

To celebrate International Women’s Day, our Team IFC series focuses on one of the incredible women behind IFC, Karina Sandoval. Read on to find out more about this amazing woman…

Tell us about your career in a snapshot

I’ve spent 15 years working as a fundraiser and strategist for international non-profit organisations, governments, and corporates in LATAM, US and Europe.

What started as a passion turned out in to an amazing fulfilling career and now business.

What led you down this path?

I studied Economics, and then obtained a Master’s degree in Business and Administration (MBA) in the United States.

Since I was 16 years old, I always volunteered and designed projects with social impact. I guess coming from Peru and realising all the opportunities I got in life to have a solid education and fulfilled life made me wish the same for others. I truly believe that if we offer people a fair start and fair chances in life they can accomplish everything their heart desires.

After finishing my studies I thought I was going to continue my path in the corporate world doing my social impact projects on the side, but after attending a World Youth Congress organised by the UN and meeting people from all over the world with successful social impact careers I decided to follow my heart and work with international not-for-profit organisations and my adventure into this career started.

Why IFC?

IFC is a unique consultancy firm – besides being an award wining consultancy agency, it is a true family business. Not because the founders are relatives but because once a client hires the services of IFC they become part of IFC’s family.

IFC’s family is a big one with an extensive network of directors, associated consultants, foundations, donors, organisations and corporates. IFC is one of a kind!

What is your role with IFC? 

I am IFC Director for Latin-America, supporting organisations, purpose-driven businesses, and individuals with their fundraising and strategic alliance needs.

What are the fundraising challenges in your region? 

The professionalisation of fundraising knowledge and techniques as well as the sharing of information

Tell us about a fundraising success?

Raising USD$1.4M with one single event.

What does the future hold for fundraising?

In Latam, lots of opportunities, mainly because the organisations in the region are moving from donations to impact investments and are aware of the opportunities to truly align themselves with the corporate sector, government, and other stakeholders to achieve tangible impact.

Businesses are also becoming not only profit-driven but purpose-driven, allowing them to truly connect with all audiences while becoming more sustainable.

This will bring a more inter-connected world with organisations, corporate sector and governments working aligned, identifying the main issues and creating tangible and achievable solutions for all.

You’re voted in as the next leader in LATAM, what’s the first thing you do?

Politics is not my thing but I believe we can be active citizens and care about our communities in any given position.

Tell us a fun and interesting fact about yourself

I am a hybrid. Latina by birth and heart, Dutch on paper, American by location, and a citizen of the world by choice.