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LM & Associates is proud to announce a strategic partnership with International Fundraising
Consultancy with the purpose of expanding fundraising consulting services in Latin America, the
Caribbean, and the Hispanic based non-for-profit sector of the Americas. This alliance will
enable both entities to expand their outreach and provide a wider variety of services to clients in
these markets.

“At IFC-LATAM, we are excited to have the opportunity to be working together with Miamibased
consultancy firm: LM & Associates”. We see a huge potential on leveraging our
knowledge and presence in LATAM with the expertise, networks and track record of Lucy and
Lisbet in the Hispanic community in the US. We strongly believe that this partnership will open
new avenues for international fundraising opportunities. Karina Sandoval-Boonstra, Director of

“At LM & Associates we are thrilled with this wonderful collaboration,” said Lucy Morillo,
President and CEO of LM & Associates. “This partnership will allow us to strengthen our
commitment with organizations looking to increase philanthropic giving in competitive, crosscultural,
and/or challenging environments amongst other things.”

The alliance will focus on developing a solid platform around ethnic-based philanthropy in the
Americas while offering a wide-range of products and services to diversified and specialized
markets including but not limited to the Latin American non-for-profit sector. The collaboration
aims to provide advice on market assessments, strategy development, grant research, causerelated
marketing campaigns, among other tactics.