About Zending Over Grenzen  

A Christian organization serving children, families and elderly people suffering poverty and oppression. Through practical and spiritual support we give hope by meeting urgent needs and building self-sufficient communities.

What we did for them

IFC Netherlands has spent the last six months working closley with the Zending Over Grenzen office in the Netherlands and when necessary with the head office in the UK. Zending Over Grenzen wanted IFC to review the data from their donors to see how they could be more efficient and generate more income. IFC completed a thorough review of the data and submited a full report and suggestions, imporvement and where it was not necessary to make any alterations. In some cases if it isn’t broken why try to fix it!

IFC are continuing to work with Zending Over Grenzen on the overal fundraising strategy for the next 5 years, which will include creating a brand new social media straegy and possibly a volunteering and ambassedors program.

IFC are very much looking forward to taking the next step with the forward thinking, open minded and dedicated team at Zending Over Grenzen.