Translators without Borders (TWB) is looking for a Head of Fundraising and Communications : will you help me find the right person for the job?

Please do share the job description in your networks, among your friends, colleagues and associates. It is a great opportunity for an experienced fundraiser willing to work remotely, with the right energy and drive to work in a small but fast-paced organization that is growing  exponentially, by the day.

At TWB, we believe that communicating in the right language is crucial to philanthropy and international development: whether it’s warnings before a cyclone, epidemic prevention messages, education tools, or economic empowerment advice, any information that is shared in a language people don’t understand is not information at all. This is why we partner with more than 120 humanitarian and international development organizations in the field to translate, provide language assessments, and advocate for the use of the right language in projects.

It’s a pretty unique mission and I’m hoping to find the right person to support it. I’m ready to answer any question people have about it.

Closing date 16th June 2019