About Trade Commission of Peru in the Netherlands

The Peruvian Trade Office is a business unit of the Peruvian Government aiming to promote trade, tourism and investment between Peru and the Netherlands.

What we did for them

In November 2015, IFC-Peru was contacted by Trade Commission of Peru in the Netherlands to assist them with the organization and promotion of their First Sustainable Business Roundtable in the Netherlands.

The Sustainable Business Roundtable aimed at promoting and facilitating business between Peruvian exporters of organic and sustainable food products and Dutch importers. Some of our tasks for this event included: mapping and invitation of key Dutch company representatives, organization of matchmaking sessions, media engagement, assistance during the day of the event and follow up process.

More than US$2.75 M in trade volume has been estimated between Peruvian and Dutch companies as a result of the business matchmaking sessions during the event.


Karina Sandoval worked as a consultant for the Trade Commission of Peru in the Netherlands from October to December 2015. We can confirm with great satisfaction that in a crucial moment and within a short period of time, she managed to convince a considerable number of Dutch companies to participate in our Sustainable Business Roundtable. Furthermore, she led the media-engagement process, and assisted us with the organization of the matchmaking sessions while providing ad-hoc solutions to challenges typical of a high-level event of this nature.

Karina has proven to be a hard working professional with excellent communication and leadership skills. Her work has contributed greatly to the success of our goals and we look forward to commissioning her again.

Erick Garcia Gonzalez, Managing Director Trade Commission of Peru in the Netherlands