About Sense International (UK)

Sense International is a global charity supporting deafblind people in Bangladesh, Kenya, India, Tanzania, Peru, Romania and Uganda. We are one of the world’s leading international organizations working for deafblind people and their families.

What we did for them

In the summer of 2015 we got contacted by Sense International to engage in a crucial piece of fundraising market analysis for its Peru programme, in order to provide an evidence base for decision-making on potential Fundraising investment.

IFC team and its team in Peru led by Managing Director, Karina Sandoval, conducted developed a comprehensive study of the Peruvian market tailored to the fundraising objectives shared by Sense International Peru. The purpose of the study was to assess the Peruvian market in order to identify a viable prospect pool of donors for funding work in Peru for Sense International.

In order to enhance and validate the study IFC-Peru decided to use a mixed methods design. The advantage of using a mixed methods design was to integrate both quantitative and qualitative data in order to provide a better understanding and analysis of the Peruvian market. This was coupled with a comparative analysis of similar organizations and fundraising successes of similar NPOs in the country. Lastly, we provided a detailed overall assessment with our recommendations for Sense Peru team.

In the summer of 2015 Sense International engaged with IFC for a crucial piece of fundraising market analysis for its Peru programme. IFC’s wide offered the joint expertise of a European-based Peruvian Fundraising specialist, Karina Sandoval, and an in-country practitioner, Paola Cassana, which meant that both our head office team in the UK and our in-country team in Lima had a close point of contact, making communication easy and effective. The whole process from agreeing the methodology, outputs and timetable was handled flexibly and smoothly.

Karina’s friendly professionalism, openness and great communication skill made a quite complex and time-restricted undertaking a stress-free and positive experience, while her clear in-depth knowledge and expertise of the Peruvian Fundraising landscape in particular, but also of the international NGO environment and programme work in general, inspired confidence in the quality and reliability of the outputs being presented. The final report was well-presented, and provided the level of information and detailed analysis needed for making a strong case for Fundraising investment, which we could not have reliably recommended to our Board without IFC’s contribution.

Renata Czinkotai, Senior Grant Giving Bodies Manager at Sense International