About Nkhoma Hospital Foundation  

A Christian organization serving children, families and elderly people suffering poverty and oppression. Through practical and spiritual support we give hope by meeting urgent needs and building self-sufficient communities.

What we did for them

IFC have been asked to help Nkhoma Hospital Foundation with their enormous task of raising funds to build a new hospital. The current hospital is celebrating its 100 year anniversary this year, but in many areas is in complete disrepair. Measures have been made to renovate some of the wards, but without a complete overhaul, it is really insufficient for the needs of the growing community. Despite its restrictions, Nkhoma are incredibly well respected throughout Malawi and its neighbouring countries. Often patients, (or as they like to refer to them clients) travel from hundreds of miles away to experience the caring service Nkhoma offer. The hospital is a leader in its field in Africa for Eye Care, Cervical Cancer treatment and Fistula. The goal for Nkhoma is to become a ‘Centre of Excellence’ where Doctors, nurses and medical students can come and train in tropical medicine whilst also offering their own services to the clients in need in Malawi.

Nkhoma have recruited IFC to help with their overall fundraising strategy. Last week IFC hosted a brainstorming meeting with two representatives from Nkhoma who travelled to Amsterdam especially for the meeting and the Chairman of the Nkhoma Foundation in The Netherlands. The brainstorm gave great insight into what Nkhoma had already achieved, the aspirations of where it wanted to go and the potential. Everyone at the meeting agreed that there was a big mountain to climb, but we could do it step by step.

Currently the brainstorm report is being created and a summary of how to tackle the enormous mountain strategically is being compiled. IFC look forward to working on this adventure together with Nkhoma Hospital.