About CPhI UBM

UBM is a global events-led marketing and communications services business.

Helping businesses do business by connecting them with a targeted, qualified audience, through live events, press releases and other digital and print media. We help professional people in more than 20 countries around the world succeed by enabling them to connect with each other and with the markets they serve. And we do this by whatever means works best – at live events, through digital media or in publications.

What we did for them

IFC Amsterdam were contacted by the CPhI department of the international Exhbition and events organisation UBM. CPhI have a strong CSR policy as understand the importance of it internally and how it can affect business externally too. They wanted to increase their offering to their visitors and exhibitors at the next World Wide event in October.

Together CPhI and IFC worked together to identify and create sponsorship packages for exhibitors and promotors to buy. All proceeds from the sale would go to charity Global Angels as they are CPhI’s nominated charity. There was also the opportunity for a straight forward donation directly to a Global Angles project. To compliment this, CPhI and IFC connected with organisation Camps International to be able to offer for volunteers from the CPhI community to go and help build a school in Kenya. The school build is another area are that Global Angels works in.

Currently CPhI are doing well with selling the sponsorship packages and are gaining momentum for volunteer recruitment for the school building project.

CPhI WorldWide, part of UBM Global Exhibitions, recently launched a strategic agreement to support charity Global Angels. This was a brand new initiative never previously done by UBM or as a strategic CSR development within the exhibition industry. As this was a completely new area for the team, CPhI contacted IFC Netherlands for their input, and weren’t disappointed!

IFC Netherlands and Helen went above and beyond their remit to advise, nurture and where necessary project manage not only a launch of sponsorship packages at the CPhI world Wide event, but also to help launch the very first Community Engagement program.

As we continued to work together more and more was asked of IFC and they continued to support and give great advice and guidance without question.
We would advise any corporate organisation looking to develop their Corporate Social Responsibility policy to contact IFC as their knowledge, guidance and never faltering support helped hugely in getting this project off the ground successfully. We look forward to working with them further on the next stage of CSR development

Rhylie Wier, CPhI’s Global Marketing Manager