October’s First Friday: Milan

A photo by NASA. unsplash.com/photos/NuE8Nu3otjoThere’s still time to book on to October’s First Friday fundraising session in Milan with IFC Italy director Francesca Mineo. These highly popular and successful monthly sessions are ideal for charity fundraisers looking for a bit of inspiration or need some help solving a fundraising frustration. 

October’s session will take place on Friday 7th October from 5-7pm at Avanzi, Milan. Joining the session will be IFC CEO and fundraising guru, John Baguley. 

John will be looking at the frontiers of fundraising, starting with crowdfunding, which was the NBT (next big thing) some time ago. He’ll go through the processes that may become the NBT: including Bitcoin donations, ‘contactless giving’ and the Social Stock Exchange among other things.

Some of these ideas are happening in other countries and some are just on the event horizon, but all of them have a chance of being the NBT, and it would be unwise of us to ignore them. The Social Stock Exchange for example, has been in development for a long time and with the parallel development of impact assessment, on which it relies, forms a great way to fund major developments in civil society including professional fundraising programmes.  

All these ideas suggest that as fundraisers we should keep pace with social developments, whether in lifestyle, social media or digital technology. The chances are either we keep up with these fast moving developments or we suffer the penalty of falling a long way behind our competitors. 

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