October’s First Friday: Amsterdam

Does the idea of combining adventure and travel inspire you? Does the thought of running a pack of huskies across the Arctic or walking the Great Wall of China fill you with exhilaration? It certainly would for many people out there. And those people are your potential new donors.
The next First Friday fundraising advice clinic in Netherlands on 6 October will focus on overseas challenges and how they can substantially contribute to your fundraising income. In the UK and US, overseas challenges are not a new fundraising activity, are incredibly successful and have raised literally millions for not-for-profit organisations. In The Netherlands, War Child has been running the Kilimanjaro Challenge for the past few years, and has found it not only to be successful in generating income, but it has also become an incredibly powerful way to attract, engage and convert new donors.
The session will include case studies of international organisations that have benefitted not just from income, but also by:
  • Attracting new individual donors;
  • Developing relationships with corporate sponsors, enhancing their long term relationships;
  • Site visits to projects and programs, making the stories behind the fundraising real;
  • Giving a new and exciting edge to the regular ‘ask’.
Discover how it can really benefit your fundraising income by signing up here.
IFC Netherlands runs its First Friday fundraising advice sessions from 12:30-16:30 on the first friday of each month at The Thinking Hut in Amsterdam. They are open to anyone with an interest in fundraising and the not-for-profit sector. Offering great advice, the sessions are also a fantastic networking opportunity.