November’s First Friday: Amsterdam

taxLet’s talk about tax baby…let’s talk about…how to make the most from being an ANBI.

If you are a fundraiser in Amsterdam and want to know how to make the most of the tax benefits you, as an ANBI, are legible for, then come along to IFC Netherland’s next First Friday fundraising advice session on:

Friday 4 November 2016 from 10:00-13:00 
The Thinking Hut, The Thinking Hut, Mauritskade 55c, 1092AD,Amsterdam. (East)
Directions: Nearest Tram # 7, # 9 or # 10 or bus # 757

In the Netherlands, many of us made great efforts to be ANBI registered, but don’t really know what that means or the full benefits of what being an ANBI is. There are so many questions…

  • Recently ANBI’s were allowed to perform more commercial activities without risking that their qualification as public benefit organization would be disputed by the Dutch Tax Authorities. But to what extent can a not for profit be commercial? In short, how much profit is an ANBI allowed to make?
  • What’s the difference between ANBI and SBBI?
  • Do organisations benefit from a tax advantage if the requirements for an ANBI qualification are not met?
  • Is there a risk that the Dutch Tax Authorities considers a not for profit organization subject to corporate income tax?

To help answer some of these tax questions, we have invited Majid Ettafahi, senior associate at Taxand Netherlands to the session. Majid advises companies, foundations and high net worth individuals to comply with the applicable corporate tax and individual tax obligations. He has a lot of experience with working for not for profit organisations and their ANBI’s and consults regularly with the Dutch tax Authorities. Let’s face up to tax and try to get to grips with what having an ANBI really means.


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