Meet Team IFC: Karina Sandoval

Continuing with our celebration of women following last week’s International Women’s Day, today’s Meet Team IFC blog features one of our very own amazing women, Karina Sandoval, Director of IFC Peru.

Tell us about your career in a snapshot.

I was working in the corporate world, but after landing what I thought was a dream internship position at a multinational company in their finance and marketing department, it become clear to me that I wanted to dedicate myself to the not for profit world full time. Until then, I kind of combined my passion for the not for profit sector and jobs in the corporate world. The rest is history; I started working for great organisations such as United Nations Human Development Office, Peace Child International, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Fairfood International, until I joined IFC. 

What led you down this path?

Being born and raised in Peru made me realise that poverty is a vicious circle. People get trapped in it and only few are able to break through. My way of contributing to a better society where more people can find the chances and opportunities to lead the lives they want to live is by sharing my knowledge and expertise. I believe in empowering people and organizations to find sustainable and successful ways to break through poverty.

Why IFC?

When I moved from the U.S. to the Netherlands, I had the privilege to meet Helen Maynard, Director of IFC Netherlands. We started working together and made a good team. I am humble and happy to be part of such a great group of change makers.

Tell us about a fundraising success?

From media and digital fundraising campaigns, to working with college students’ nationwide and raising record amounts to organising more intimate fundraising events. Success is not determined by financial success but by firing up a whole community and showing them what they are capable of.

What do you see as the biggest fundraising challenge facing charities? 

The “No, I can’t” mentality. It is not difficult, it is just new!

What does the future hold for charitable fundraising?

The sky’s the limit; exciting times are coming ahead thanks to new technologies, more company owners becoming philanthropists and general public wanting to have a more active role in society.

Where would you like to see charitable fundraising be in the next 5 years?

I would like to see more inter-continental exchange of fundraising practices and knowledge. There are still big gaps in fundraising knowledge among several countries.

You’re voted in as the next Prime Minister, what’s the first thing you do?

In my case it will be becoming the President of Peru, even when chances of me getting into politics are quite slim. I would focus on developing sustainable and empowering social-oriented programmes, working together with communities, private sector and government.

Tell us a fun and interesting fact about yourself,

I worked at a ski school of a well-known ski resort in the U.S. I really wanted the job so I taught myself how to ski during my first season there. That was my first time touching and seeing snow in my life!