Karina Sandoval-Boonstra

Meet Team IFC: Karina Sandoval-Boonstra, IFC LATAM

Next up in the Meet Team IFC series is IFC LATAM‘s Director, Karina Sandoval-Boonstra

Tell us about your career in a snapshot

I studied Economics and have an MBA from the University of Dallas in the U.S., and second master’s degree in international development from the University of Amsterdam.

I never thought I could combine my interest in social development, numbers, business development and marketing until I found fundraising or until fundraising found me.

It was after I attended a UN conference for youth-led development projects that I realised that there were many amazing people pursuing a career in the development sector, particularly in fundraising.

After that I never looked back and started pursuing jobs in that field only, 20 years ago.

What led you down this path?

Being aware of my privileges, the privilege to choose and follow a career that makes my heart pound. Not everybody can choose.

Making the most of my passion and talents, while creating a greater impact.

Why IFC?

The International Fundraising Consultancy Group is a great community of talented directors and consultants, it is very international and a fun space to collaborate among different countries and regions.

The IFC Group is all about helping great organisations and causes all over the world to succeed.

What are the fundraising challenges in your region?

The lack of free, shared information. Information is everything, and usually medium to large organisations are the ones that can afford to hire consultants and develop studies; if shared freely these could help many more causes. Another key area is infrastructure, not all countries have defined policies for exchanging sensitive data, secure platforms, and services to receive donations are among some challenges that come to mind.

How has the global pandemic affected not-for-profit organisations in your region?

Well, it accelerated the digitalisation process which is a positive thing. It really depended on where, as an organisation, you were regarding digitalisation.

What does the future hold for charitable fundraising?

There are many opportunities, thanks to social media, digital platforms, and more available information on the web, funders and funding opportunities are more accessible than ever. We at IFC-Latam think that the sky is the limit. Our clients are achieving great successes while investing in their teams and infrastructure to be up to date with the latest trends and platforms.

Karina Sandoval-Boonstra is voted in as a world leader…what’s the first thing you do?

I believe we all have the potential to be leaders and role models in our communities…share, mentor, coach, be approachable, repeat are my mottos.

Tell us a fun-fact about yourself

I got hired to work at a ski school in Park City, Utah while I was a student. I had never seen snow in my life until the first day at work! After three months with them I ended up being a ski instructor assistant for kids.