Is Your Director of Fundraising on the Top Table?

IFC’s Top Table events are an opportunity for the Directors of Fundraising from the UK’s largest charities to get together over breakfast, and discuss the issues which affect them.

There are only ever 2 things on the agenda: What keeps you awake at night?; i.e. what are the problems you are facing in your charity and your department, and What gets you out of bed in the morning?, which focuses on future trends, exciting developments and opportunities in fundraising.

Not surprisingly at the moment, focus on the first part is mainly on the new Fundraising Regulator, and especially the recent ICO ruling on data protection and wealth screening. It’s an uncertain and worrying time for all charities, who face severe impact on their ability to fundraise – and so deliver their vital services – in the face of the popular press-led onslaught into fundraising practices.

This week’s What gets you out of Bed? Section was led by Carla Miller, who talked about purpose-driven organisations, and how we can better engage with supporters, through a clearly expressed and simply understood purpose; its not about what you do, or how you do it, but why you do it. A lesson companies like Apple, Southwest Airlines and Patagonia have learnt well, and which charities need to embrace.

If you’re a Director of Fundraising and would like to join IFC’s Top Table, contact: