IFC opens French-speaking office in Switzerland

IFC is excited to announce an addition to its fundraising consultancy in Switzerland with a brand new French-speaking branch. The latest addition to IFC’s family of international fundraising consultancies will be led by Director, Emilie Compignie. IFC Switzerland (French speaking) offers fundraising services to national and international organisations.

Leading IFC Switzerland

IFC Switzerland’s Director, Emilie Compignie offers fifteen years of international expertise in fundraising and project management. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs from La Sorbonne and a Master’s degree in International Solidarity from the Faculty of Social Sciences – Institut Catholique – in Paris.

Having previously lived in East Africa, Emilie has extensive field experience in international development. She worked with various non-profits, particularly in North America, where she learnt fundraising techniques such as brand association.

After founding and managing a company in France, she returned to the non-profit sector to professionalise Swiss NGOs that have seen their annual budget triple in 2 years.

She keeps a foot in Africa by being a Board Member of a Kenyan NGO, Trees for Kenya, implementing environmental conservation projects; and an Ambassador for the South African NNI (No Name Initiative) promoting community dialogue.

What’s on offer at IFC Switzerland?

Having worked on major fundraising events in partnership with Cirque du Soleil for one of Canada’s most prestigious foundations ($35M raised since 2013), Emilie can support, advise and develop strategies for organisations on major donor projects and events.

Her experience working as Programme Officer for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, French Embassy in Kenya, and then for Somalia, where she was responsible for the selection of funding applications, has given Emilie a real insight into exactly what donors are looking for.

Contact IFC Switzerland

Contact Emilie to find out more about IFC Switzerland’s services: emilie@ec-consulting.ch