Fundraising and Zombies: A Guide to Charity Management

Christmas may still be six weeks away, but it’s never too early to start thinking about the perfect present. And we’ve got just the thing that every fundraiser should have in their stocking…Fundraising and Zombies: A Guide to Charity Management by our very own IFC Chair and fundraising guru, John Baguley PhD. The book, available on Amazon, tackles some of the most pertinent issues facing charity management.

Fundraising and Zombies rips the lid off the zombie phenomena affecting so many charities and examines why charities underperform, get in to trouble and fail to deal with the zombies stalking their corridors.

The book’s author, John Baguley said: “Zombies can be found at all levels within charities. From a co-worker’s appalling behaviour to CEOs affecting the performance of the whole organisation, and in turn letting down beneficiaries, Fundraising and Zombies shows readers how to defeat the undead bringing down any charity. Whether you are thinking of joining the staff of a charity, or are already facing battles within the workplace, this book will give you the skills you need to survive and prosper.”

Written from the perspective of a lifelong fundraiser, charity aficionado and founder and chair of the International Fundraising Consultancy, this is an insider’s privileged view of the pitfalls and heroics of life in some of the UK’s best-loved charities. Real life anecdotes are examined and the problems they caused revealed, with solutions and expert advice clearly set out.