Funding News: £10,000 Grants for Cultural and Creative Organisations

Not-for-profit and commercial creative and cultural organisations can apply for up to £10,000 worth of funding and mentoring support to develop a digital idea that addresses a social challenge and produces a social benefit.

Nesta, the UK Foundation for Innovation is inviting applications for projects that are seeking to develop digital ideas that generate social impact. Nesta is looking for ambitious proposals that:

  • Have a clearly identified positive social outcome(s) and a persuasive case of why the digital idea will make a difference to this outcome;
  • Ideas that are rooted in digital technology first and foremost. Digital innovation needs to be at the heart of your idea but the intervention can expand beyond digital to incorporate a live performance, exhibition, festival etc;
  • Existing digital projects will also be considered if they require further development, and can demonstrate impact at scale that is clearly aligned with a beneficiary group;
  • Nesta encourages collaborations with other organisations both inside and outside of the creative industries e.g third sector or public services;
  •  and can demonstrate the potential for impact at scale.

If you’re organisation fits the bill, you have until 14th November 2018 to apply.