Four Fabulous Fundraising Campaigns in March

From sleeping rough to giving up chocolate, here are four of our favourite fundraising campaigns taking place during March…

Macmillan Cancer Support – Whodunnit?

Poor Fifi Flapper. Found dead in the powder room, and everyone is a suspect. Whodunnit is a murder mystery game that Macmillan Cancer Support is asking people to host on 25 March 2017 to raise money for the organisation.

With eight hilarious characters to choose from, ranging from heart-breaking socialite Ginny Goodtimes and superficial matriarch The Marchioness de Fromage to flamboyant tycoon Neville Loudmouth and clumsy Butler Lenny Oopsidaisy, Whodunnit is a chance for friends to gather, dress up and indulge in an evening of mystery, accusations and outrageous over-acting all in the name of fundraising.

British Heart Foundation – Dechox

DECHOX is a nationwide sponsored challenge run by the British Heart Foundations to give up chocolate for March and raise money for life saving heart research. Any sort of cocoa is a no-no, which means chocolate bars, sweets, treats, biscuits, ice cream, cake – and even the chocolate sprinkles on cappuccino – are off limits during March.

Over the last two years, nearly 40,000 people have taken on the challenge to chuck the choc and raise money to fund the British Heart Foundation’s world-class researchers. You really are a nation of true chocoholics and so DECHOX 2017 promises to be even bigger and better.

Help for Heroes – Debenhams National Collection Weekend

Debenhams is fundraising for Help for Heroes for the whole of March with collection tins at their tills and staff fundraising. Debenhams is also offering a National Collection Weekend, where Help for Heroes volunteers will be in Debenhams stores across England, Wales and Scotland with colelcting donations and selling Help for Heroes merchandise on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 March.

YMCA – Sleep Easy

YMCAs are asking supporters to sleep out so others don’t have to this year by taking part in special Sleep Easy events all over England and Wales. Fifteen YMCAs as far afield as Doncaster, Exeter, Cambridgeshire and Coventry are coming together between Friday 3 and Friday 10 March for its National YMCA Sleep Easy Week.

A staple part of the YMCA’s fundraising since 2010, Sleep Easy has seen more than 6,000 people sleep rough to raise £1m for local YMCA services that help young people rebuild their lives.


Let us know of any other innovative fundraising campaigns taking place during March and we’ll give them a shout out.