Foundation Funding: A Case Study

Having been successful in developing a limited number of strategic relationships with some large-scale U.S. foundations, Sightsavers turned to IFC USA’s Director, Laurence Pagnoni for help in broadening and expanding its U.S. foundation relationships.

For some organizations, Pagnoni advises looking at behaviours—what foundations do as opposed to what they say. The Gates Foundation, for example, said for years it didn’t want to be involved in the U.S. market, but when it came down to it, the foundation funded a number of domestic efforts.

“Looking at a foundation’s behaviour is very important,” said Pagnoni. “There are a lot of hybrid models these days, where a few foundations get together on a particular issue they’re trying to solve. So, you have to understand how your organisation’s approach matches the hybrid initiative, or not—and if it doesn’t, you have to be boldly honest about where it doesn’t and make a decision on whether to apply or not.”

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