Five Top Tips To Making Sure You’re Remembered

This week has been all about legacy fundraising with Remember a Charity Week. Thirty-five percent of people say they’d happily leave a gift in their will once family and friends had been provided for. However, in reality only seven percent actually do. If the number of people remembering charities in their will increased by just four percent, an additional £1 billion would be left for good causes in the UK every year.

Here are some top tips to help make sure your charity is chosen to be remembered:

  1. Obviously, let all your supporters know how important this is to you and not just the elderly, once you are in their will you will probably stay there.
  1. Next, have a solicitor who is prepared to visit your supporters who show an interest. The difference this makes cannot be overestimated.
  1. In the same way that we put a good example of what to give on the top of sponsorship forms, have that 10% of residue set out on all your sample forms and on your website, Instagram etc.
  1. Language is all important and in talking about wills with your supporters discover the way they express themselves in this area, which may be different in different localities or for different segments of your donor-base, so be prepared to segment your legacy appeals for maximum effect.
  1. Cultivating legacies is not a stand-alone activity you should be doing once every few years if you happen to remember, it works best as part and parcel of your whole fundraising programme; and grows in your supporters’ minds until it forms an imperative, and they know they not only should leave a legacy but they actually want to.