February’s First Friday: Milan

First FridaysFundraising for nonprofit organisations is a specific kind of investment that aims to ensure the economic sustainability of a good cause in the medium term. When this investment is valued by landmarks borrowed by the corporate world, it is likely to commit huge mistakes and fall into ethical pitfalls that may damage the reputation of our organisation.
Paolo Celli, founder of the Central Ethics, will be our guest speaker at IFC Italy’s next First Friday fundraising clinic for nonprofits. The session will take place on:

Friday 4 March 2016
Avanzi  – Barra A in Milan

It will be an opportunity to understand different ways by which businesses and nonprofits fund themselves, and to address the fundamental issue of the profitability indicators (ROI), with a reflection on ‘ethical pitfalls’ in which you can stumble. A point of view which leads to a higher issue of values ​​and ethics and the continuous comparison of world-profit and nonprofit.

During the First Friday, held every first Friday of the month, doubts, questions, dilemmas and problems to solve will be listened to and hopefuly will find a solution, thanks to the monthly round table attended by IFC Italy consultants, fundraisers and professionals who work every day to ensure the sustainability of their organisations.

Booking: francesca.mineo@groupifc.com