European Third Sector Forum in Rome Announced

EUconsult Italia, the professional association of consultants serving the Italian not for profit sector, will be hosting a one-day conference in Rome entitled “Leadership in the Third Sector: ethics, creativity and innovation”, as part of the annual European Third Sector Forum.

The event, free of charge and open to a maximum of 100 participants, will be held on Tuesday 21st of May at Palazzo Altieri, Rome. It is an opportunity for those interested in the changes underway the Italian and European third sectors, to better understand potential leadership models and the role of technology and ethics in the third sector today.

There will be speakers from universities, civil society consultancies, civil society organisations and the Public Administration sector. Topics will include the importance of investing in people technology and ethics, an international comparison of models and trends across the European-wide third sector and technology for innovation and change.

Robin Brady, chair of the European organisation EUConsult, said: “European Civil Society is experiencing significant change. To be a leader in the third sector today means being able to ride the wave of change and still maintain your principles and focus on your mission. Having the opportunity to reflect on leadership, technology and ethics in civil society is crucial if we are to manage change successfully.”

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