At IFC, we get the chance to work with some extraordinary organisations that are making a real difference around the world. The work is interesting and varied, ranging from capital appeals to developing fundraising strategies. Here are eight amazing organisations that we’re currently working with:

  1. National Army Museum – Making known the story of the British Army and its role and impact in world history, we are supporting the National Army Museum in raising the remaining funds needed for their major redevelopment project.
  1. International Maritime Rescue Federation – Preventing loss of life in the world’s waters, the organisation’s work is very much in the headlines at the moment with the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean. We are delighted to be working with them on applications to charitable trusts.
  1. Crossfields Institute – Crossfields Institute works to advance, promote and develop education, training and research inspired by holistic and integrative approaches to education. We are delighted to be working with the Crossfields Institute to develop their case for support, research grant-makers in the UK, Germany and Switzerland and help them to develop their applications to those trusts and foundations.
  1. Gingerbread – Providing free advice, training, and practical support for single parents and campaigning to improve the lives of all single parent families, we are currently working with Gingerbread to help them recruit a fundraiser.
  1. Clan Hannay – We are working with Clan Hannay to help them with a capital appeal to restore their ancestral stronghold of Sorbie Tower in Scotland.
  1. Zending Over Grenzen (Mission Without Borders) – In the Netherlands we recently completed a thorough review of their donor data to see how they could be more efficient and generate more income. We continue to work with Zending Over Grenzen on their overall fundraising strategy for the next 5 years.
  1. Sense International
- Working with deafblind people around the world, we’re working with this great organisation in Lima to identify in-country income streams for their work in Peru.
  1. Stars Foundation – Working to transform the lives of disadvantaged children and their communities around the world, we are working to identify Latin American prospects to co-fund their Impact Awards programme. We are also working with their African office.