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SMS Campaign Raises €100,000

A fundraising campaign based around social media has raised €100,000 for a project in the Ivory Coast. The campaign was part of the work that IFC Italy has been doing with CIAI, an Italian NGO focusing on children’s rights, promoting and developing SMS text campaigns.  IFC Italy has been working with CIAI since 2001. The 2015 campaign […]

CSR Support Helps to Build Schools in Kenya

IFC Netherlands has been working with the Conventions of Pharmaceutical Ingredients (CPhI), part of international exhibition and events organisation, UBM. CPhI has a strong CSR policy, and understands its importance, both internally and externally. The organisation decided that it wanted to increase its CSR offering to visitors and exhibitors at its next worldwide event. Together CPhI and IFC worked together […]

IFC Netherlands Runs Fundraising Weekend For International Association of Ultra Runners (IAU)

Earlier this year IFC Netherlands director Helen Maynard-Hill teamed up with Becky Walsh Marketing consultancy to facilitate a weekend of marketing and fundraising brainstorming, learning and planning with IAU Executive Council at their AGM in Monaco. The meeting was a great success and everyone felt incredibly inspired to make use of the learnings at the […]

Breaking News…IFC Shortlisted For Charity Times Awards 2015

IFC is delighted to announce that it has been shortlisted for the Best Consultancy of the Year category at the prestigious Charity Times Awards 2015. The Charity Times Awards are about recognising leadership and professionalism within the sector. The Best Consultancy of the Year category is awarded to a consultancy firm that has demonstrated a […]

The Daily Mail Comes Knocking

As ever, the Mail’s recent article on fundraising needs to be taken with a bag of salt. Whilst the charities mentioned need to respond rapidly and publicly, all the charities I have been involved with de-duplicated their mailing lists against both telephone preference service and the mailing preference service lists; did not use the phone […]

Did You Fail to Plan or Plan to Fail?

Failing to develop a solid plan can hurt your ability to reach your goals, but by putting in place the right process and activities, you can drive your fundraising programme towards success. Here are four crucial elements that should be considered: Start with a solid Case for Support. This important document should be the base for […]

Four Ways to Make the Most of Your Fundraising Events

With all the effort it takes to pull off large fundraising events, it’s important to ensure you’re using the event to its full potential. Too often we focus on simply raising as much as we can the night of, missing significant opportunities for donor engagement and cultivation. Here are four ways to make the most […]

July’s First Friday Fundraisers

Do you have responsibility for fundraising in your charity? Are you based in London, Amsterdam or Ottawa? Could you do with a bit of inspiration or free advice about a particular fundraising issue? Well, our First Friday Fundraisers have got your name all over it!  We run monthly fundraising sessions for anyone who is responsible […]

Building a dynamic Case for Support

The common factor of really successful fundraising programmes is a convincing Case for Support. Often considered to be crucial for major gift fundraising, they are a fantastic fundraising tool and resource that can be used across all your fundraising programmes. Through this five part blog series, IFC Canada Director, Mena Gainpaulsingh will talk about the process in building a powerful […]