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The Nonprofit Fundraising Solution

The nonprofit sector the world over continues to face major fundraising challenges. Government cutbacks, shrinking endowments, and business belt-tightening mean revenue shortfalls that could prevent organisations from fulfilling their missions. To survive and ultimately thrive, a nonprofit needs forceful revenue strategies and an organisational culture that champions them. Over his 25 years as a nonprofit […]

The World of Fundraising: Bangkok

Religions are often excellent fundraisers, and IFC CEO, John Baguley, who is currently in Asia, has discovered that in Bangkok Buddhists are no exception. Indeed, accepting alms has long been part of a Buddhist monk’s daily routine. In Wat Pho, Bangkok a huge statue of a reclining Buddha covered in gold attracts large numbers of visitors, […]

Why We Do What We Do

When I started the International Fundraising Consultancy (IFC) in 2000, my aim was always highly ambitious: I wanted to transform the world, which is why I had worked for Oxfam for many years and headed up fundraising at Friends of the Earth, Amnesty International and Freedom from Torture. Though it was deeply satisfying to see […]

Time to Unlock the Vaults

Trusts and foundations are holding huge reserves of money in the form of stocks and shares or other profitable financial investment. Essentially, these are designed to produce the income the trusts give out as grants according to their objectives and guidelines. So, they exist in the minds of the trustees as two separate pots of […]

Volunteer Heroes and Cost-Effective Fundraising

Some years ago I was working for an Indian Charity in Delhi called Lok Kalyan Samiti and set up their first fundraising department, which was in effect a pop-up direct mailing agency. Every Friday I gathered together a group of staff and encouraged them to volunteer for fundraising duty, which they thoroughly enjoyed as a […]

The Growth of Philanthropy

Philanthropy is one a life’s most praiseworthy acts, it is enshrined in many religions from Islam’s zakat to the Christian’s tithe and the Buddhist call for alms and is seen as an important part of both spiritual and secular life. Many wealthy people feel that having made their fortune, or at least received somewhat more […]

Using Fundraising Events Strategically

In today’s blog, IFC Canada Director, Mena Gainpaulsingh answers some really useful questions on the importance of having a strategy for fundraising events… Why is it important to use events strategically rather than just focusing on raising as much money as possible on the day? What organisations sometimes overlook is how their events can be […]

Seven Secrets of SMS Text Fundraising Campaigns

An SMS text campaign is a good opportunity for a non-profit to raise funds in a short period of time. It can be slightly different from country to country; in Italy the organisations are required to send their proposal to a network of telephone companies, showing their quality standards and demonstrating a strong communication strategy. […]

The Panama Papers and the Philanthropists

So, now we have all had confirmed what we thought all along that the ruling classes can avoid or evade tax, and squirrel away the money they may have looted through bribery and corruption in tax havens; which are sometimes British Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories with the British Virgin Islands apparently a particular favourite. […]