And The Winner of the 2018 Christmas Ad is…

Forget big budgets, forget celebrities, forget percentage donations, forget corporate partnerships…the winner of this year’s Christmas advert definitely goes to the RSPCA!

The RSPCA has used it’s in-house team in its entirety to come up with an advert that is melting hearts, tells the RSPCA story without advertising products, and will ultimately bring in donations that are not just an after thought.

The Kindness Lasts a Lifetime video features the story of a young boy growing up doing all he can to help animals in need – the boy grows up to be the RSPCA’s very own Animal Collection Officer, Michael! The video is made entirely in-house by the charity’s broadcast team and stars staff and friends who gave up their own time for filming. The organisation’s Press Officer Lucy Ellie Cooper, who is a talented singer, recorded a cover of Kings of Leon’s ‘Use Somebody’ for the film after the band gave special permission for their song to be used as part of the video.

RSPCA Chief Executive, Chris Sherwood said:

“When I first saw the Christmas video I must admit I was moved to tears. It’s a beautiful story and encapsulates the everyday work of the RSPCA.

We hope that this touching film will inspire the next generation of pet owners and animal rescuers, and also encourage viewers to make a small donation to the RSPCA so we can help the thousands of animals who need us this Christmas.

Every act of kindness can make a big difference. And we hope our heartwarming video and beautiful song will encourage everyone to think of the animals and help us help the thousands who could be facing cruelty, neglect and suffering this Christmas.”

This is a prime example of charities doing it for themselves, and doing it well. The advert isn’t hard-hitting, shocking or sad – despite reducing viewers to tears. It is simply heartwarming and beautiful, and the charity isn’t being overshadowed by someone else’s agenda.

So come on charities, follow this example, look within your organisation, find the talent, and come up with your own ad that will tell your story and bring in the support and donations! There’s every possibility that, like the RSPCA’s, it will go viral.