Karina Sandoval, director of IFC Perù, is the keynote speaker at the next First Friday fundraising advice session in Milan, on Friday 3rd of November at Avanzi . The workshop, run together with Francesca Mineo, IFC Italy director, is about “How to elaborate a Fundraising strategy so your organization can fundraise internationally”.

The meeting is particularly oriented to npos wishing to start an in-country fundraising strategy that will allow them to fundraise from their branch offices, especially those in emerging markets with huge potential.

Francesca Mineo met Karina Sandoval asking to anticipate few contents of the speech.

Karina, can you give us few highlights about your keynote speech for November FF in Milan? 

I will mainly focus on the importance of conducting a market assessment and an aligned fundraising strategy; the challenges and threats any NPO should considered before going into an international adventure are many. Together we will see a step by step guide for successfully fundraising internationally and opportunities in emerging economies


Which are, from your experience, the main threats faced by a npo wishing to fundraise internationally?


I think the lack of due diligence: going internationally is an investment and it should be treated like that. Having said this, it requires a well thought strategy and market assessment that allows the NPO to make a well-informed decision so it can choose the best practices suited to the market it wishes to enter.


Can you describe IFC Perù and its activities in Latin America?

IFC is currently serving clients worldwide wishing to start fundraising from emerging economies. As a IFC-Peru country director, I am leading those efforts in Latin America, assisting International not-for-profit organizations wishing to start in country-fundraising programs in Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina and Uruguay.