3 Top Tips For Using Events In Your Individual Giving Strategy

Following on from yesterday’s blog on using fundraising events more strategically, today IFC Canada’s Director, Mena Gainpaulsingh gives us three top tips on how to use events as part of your individual giving strategy…

Tip #1 Think about how you can connect your donors before, during and after the event to your cause. Try enclosing some information with the invitation that focuses on how their support will make a difference, or sending a note thanking them for coming and include a story about a beneficiary.

Tip #2 Make it easy for people to give. I once attended an awards dinner for a charity where some powerful videos were shown that demonstrated the impact of what award winners had achieved. I was incredibly moved and was looking forward to hearing how I could donate to this very worthy organisation. Unfortunately, no such information was provided, on the tables or in the speeches. It was disappointing as I wanted to get more involved, but I could only conclude that they did not need my money.

Tip #3 Particularly for organisations that are under-resourced, think about events that you are already doing and how they can be turned into fundraising opportunities, such as open days and programme tours. These are often used only to raise awareness, but by being more strategic in your messaging, they can be fabulous opportunities to let potential donors know about your funding needs.

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